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CfP: Archaeological Heritage Management – the Practical Side. Session at the International Open Workshop 2017

Archaeological Heritage Management – the Practical Side Session organizers: K. Iwe, U. Müller, J. Steigerwald Archaeological research – including excavation, documentation and analyses – covers only a small part in comparison to the decades or centuries of an „after-life“ of a specific monument or site. This so-called second phase of monuments can be connected(…)

Call for papers: Urban Technology and Public, Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies (CHNT 20), November 2-4, 2015, Vienna, Austria

Urban Archaeology and Public Relations (“New Technologies Enabling Archaeological Outreach”) CALL for PAPERS, POSTERS and VIDEOS – until 31. Mai 2015! Dear colleagues, the Call is still OPEN! Send us your abstracts! · Language: English · 200 – 300 words The notification of the speakers and presenters will be on 25th June 2015. More information cab(…)